Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organize that Closet...Part 2

Now to share Part 2 of "Organize that Closet"...

1. After you have organized your clothes, did your donating, contemplated on the consignments and tossed a few bad sweat pants - if you're on the fence with blouse or low riders, take a post it "flag" and stick it on the hanger. If the flag is still there next year...donate!
2. Post it your shoe boxes as well. A brief description of which shoe is the box makes less mess.
3. Never leave your clothes in dry cleaner plastic bags, it does not allow the materials of your clothing to breath and your clothes will smell like dry cleaning chemicals after a while.
4. If at all possible, do a seasonal change of closets. I store all of my winter clothes in the XX-large hefty bags and then rotate when spring and summer comes along. Don't forget to use "under your bed" as storage!

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