Friday, May 25, 2012

Prep & Paint Wicker

My front porch wicker chair has been in need of a little TLC. Since wicker is a day or two project, I decided to wait until spring to give it the ultimate overhaul. Prepping this wicker chair is key and I will give it extra elbow grease. I like to brush off the old paint with a medium wire brush, shake it out and then add 1/4 cup of bleach to a healthy bucket of water - with a nylon brush, I dip into the bucket and scrub down my chair, hose and then allow it to fully dry. Since wicker is wood, it tends to swell when wet so I do highly recommend that you allow soaked chair to fully dry a good 24 hours, depending on weather - it may even take 48 hours. This is a key step because you do not want to apply your primer to wet wicker. So, let's tackle this two/three day project and add that perfect dash of color with Painter's Touch 2X !

Project Materials:
*Wicker Piece
*Painter's Touch 2x COLOR TO BE DETERMINED - 2 cans
*Medium Wire Brush
*Medium Nylon Brush
*1/4 cup of bleach
*Drop Cloth

Project Steps:
*Using your medium wire brush, brush off loose debris & old paint
*Mix together 1/4 of bleach with a half a bucket full of water
*Using your nylon brush, dip it into the bucket and lightly scrub down the entire wicker piece, working on molded/dirty areas
*Hose off the wicker piece well with water
*Allow to fully dry - 24 to 48 hours
*Apply first coat of Zinsser Bin Primer
*Allow to dry 30 minutes
*Apply second coat of Zinsser Bin Primer
*Allow to fully cure 24 hours
*Apply first coat of Painter's Touch 2X (COLOR TO BE DETERMINED)
*Allow to dry 30 minutes but not more then 60
*Apply second coat of Painter's Touch 2X (COLOR TO BE DETERMINED)
*Allow to fully dry 48 hours before full use