Thursday, December 8, 2011

Natural Birchwood Winter Centerpiece

This natural birchwood centerpiece can take you right through the winter season. Best part of this project is that you can change the ribbon and decorative butterfly to co-ordinate with your settings!

Project Steps:

1. Cover nearby items with a drop cloth or old sheet to protect them from spray mist
**Quick Tip - Lay birchwood logs into an old box and spray inside

2. Spray two to three coats of Universal's Pure Gold

3. Spray each coating within one hour of each other

4. Allow to fully cure 24 hours

5. Wrap three logs with decorative ribbon and add on your favorite or themed adornment

Project Materials:
- 3 Birchwood Logs
- Universal's Pure Gold
- Decorative Ribbon
- Adornments to decorate along the log

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