Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Organize that Closet...Finally!

Yes, it's that time of year again...to clean out and organize your closet! I'd like to share a few simple tips that have helped me tremendously part my ways with clothes that I will never wear again but will donate and make someone very happy with their new find!

*Distinguish clothing and shoes that you wear and the for sure items that you will never wear again
*Golden Rule of Thumb for the above - if you have not worn it this past year, donate it
*Stop hanging on to those skinny jeans - donate again! When you hit your goal weight, you'll want to treat yourself to a new trendy pair of jeans anyway!
*Check with your local consignment shops as well. It's okay to make a few bucks on a piece of clothing that you paid a fortune for! Donate the rest!
*Be sure to reorganize your clothes, hang items you use frequently at eye level and rarely used items on the upper shelves.
*Save those clear shoe tubs or even shoe boxes - they are great for your bikinis, socks, belts and scarves.

So, stay tuned for a few more quick, realistic organizational tips this week!

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