Friday, February 10, 2012

Canvas Valentine Heart Art

Nothing says Love like a Heart! This is a DIYer's dream craft - all done within a day and you can customize the heart by adding a message to your Valentine. The total project is also just under $12 and can be stored away for next year as well!

Project Materials
*3 - 5 x 7 canvas boards
*Painter's Tape
*White Craft Paint
*Small Paint Brush
*Black marker
*Drop Cloth

Project Steps
*Cover Nearby items to protect them from over spray
*With a pencil - sketch out your heart on the 3 canvas pieces
*Tape off inside with painter's tape
*Spray paint the exposed canvas with Gloss Apple Red
*Allow to dry 30 minutes
*Spray paint another light coat of Gloss Apple Red
*Allow to fully dry 24 hours
*Remove tape
*Paint the inside of the heart - if necessary, the white may look sharp enough
with the white craft paint
*Allow to dry one hour
*Line the outer area of the heart with the black marker
*You can now also write your secret message to your Valentine inside the heart!

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