Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lamp Revamp - Universal Gloss Cardinal Red

I searched for a new lamp for my bedroom and just struggled with shapes, lampshades & colors. I found this gem at the Goodwill for a fabulous $2.99. I did plug it in at the Goodwill to make sure it worked, the employees were happy to loan me a bulb! I had a certain color in mind and found it - Rust-Oleum Universal Gloss Cardinal Red! It's the exact burst of color needed for my bedroom. I took it to the next level with the lampshade - leopard fringe with warm hues of brown and black! The entire project was under $22, which included the lamp shade I found at 50% off!

Project Materials
*Drop cloth
*Recycled lamp
*Painter's tape

Project Steps
*Cover nearby items with drop cloths to protect them from spray mist
*Cover cord with painter's tape
*Cover bulb socket with painter's tape
*Spray lamp with primer
*Allow to fully cure 30 minutes
*Apply first coat of Universal Gloss Cardinal Red
*Allow to dry 30 minutes
*Apply second coat of Universal Gloss Cardinal Red within an hour or after 48 hours
*Allow to fully cure 24 hours
*Attach lamp shade and insert bulb

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