Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chalk Board Charger Plates - Fun for the Family!

Pick up a dozen or so of these plain charger plates for under $1 each and turn your dinner table into a fun, festive dinner every night! I applied two light coats of Rust-Oleum's Specialty ChalkBoard Paint in Black and wrote cute notes for the kids! Best part of the Specialty Paint is that it is available to tint in over 10 different colors! Application was quick and easy, dries fast and again, I barely dented the quart can. Be sure to place a cup of chalk on the table for the kids to respond...that's the best part!

Project Materials
* Charger Plates
* Rust-Oleum Specialty ChalkBoard Paint -Black
* Foam Roller or paint brush
* Roller tray
* Chalk
* Rags to wipe off messages

Project Steps
*Cover area where you are going to paint
*Apply one thin coating of the chalkboard paint over charger plate
*Allow to dry one hour
*Apply second coating
*Third coat may be needed
*Be sure to allow one hour in between coats
*Season the painted charger plates by taking the rounded part of the chalk and lightly dust entire dry, painted plate with chalk. Wipe off and now you are ready to write your message.

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