Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring "Green" Tips For Your Garden

Here are a few great "Green" tips for the spring that will help you conserve water, plant herbs all year long as well as make new friends and gather neighbors to host a Community Compost Pile! You may have to offer up your yard, but imagine the benefits of that fresh soil right in your backyard!

*BE WATER SAVVY - When watering your lawn, place an empty tuna can in your grass - when it's've reached your limit.

*NO MORE PESTICIDES IN YOUR VEGETABLE GARDEN - Cayenne and garlic will deter any bugs or small animals. Eggshells and coffee can be sprinkled around the base of your plants - ants, slugs & snails are not huge fans.

*COMMUNITY COMPOST PILE - Reach out to friends and neighbors and see if they are interested in a community compost pile - offer up your backyard and hand out a list of Yes and No's for the compost.

*PLANT YOUR OWN HERBS - Five plus hours of sunlight is required - moist soil also a must and consider growing them all year long by transitioning the plants indoors when fall arrives. Do not wait for frost, transition them in early fall. Find a sunny location indoors.

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